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Storage Management Update

Functional Software has received a number of Requests for Information (RFI) relating to the use of COSbackup in storage management environments that require support for SAN, multi-drive tape libraries and Windows applications. In most cases, a combination of software and configuration services has resulted in COSbackup satisfying the RFI requirement.«more»

Enhanced System and Application Error Monitoring

Functional Software is pleased to announce that sentinel3G now supports pro-active monitoring of system messages generated from UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems, services and applications. This new facility ensures that critical error messages are not overlooked (or ignored!) and provides customers with an automated alerting and notification capability that will assist in the early detection and rectification of hardware, application and security problems before they adversely impact system performance. «more»

New Support Issue Tracker

Functional Software has improved its support services to customers.

Functional Software has implemented an online support issue tracking system using the Mantis Bug Tracking system. This system will allow our customers to enter the details of support issues, offers the ability to track the progress of an issue, update an issue, and add details such as screenshots at any time. For full details please see the complete relase linked below «more»

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Web Application Management Solutions

How is your Website Performing?

Functional Software provides Web application management solutions that help ensure the Quality of Service of Web applications.

Solutions are based on our market leading software products that enable organisations to assure, measure and report on the availability, performance and security of their websites, web applications, IT infrastructure and mission-critical business services in cross platform Unix, Linux and Windows environments.

Our award winning technology allows us to manage electronic service delivery from both a customer and infrastructure perspective delivering a true end-to-end view of the customer's Web application experience.

Functional Software has a proven track record in delivering system and performance management solutions that reduce operations costs, enhance information security and improve customer service. We work closely with our customers to automate routine operations procedures and optimize the availability, performance and security of their Web applications. Learn more about Functional Software.